Interviews and Discussions

Jon Kolkin is an internationally recognized speaker who is sought out by both artists and other groups from a wide range of professional and personal backgrounds. He uses his art as a vehicle for opening up discussions related to living a more enriching and balanced life. His presentations and seminars emphasize innovative, practical and synergistic approaches to achieving our professional goals while simultaneously maintaining our health and wellbeing. Jon’s unique perspective stems, in part, from his broad background as a successful professional fine art photographer, physician, health coach, international medical volunteer, educator, athlete, husband and father.
Feel free to contact Jon about giving a presentation or leading a course.

“Practical Life Balance Strategies – Excerpts” Watch Presentation

“Being Respectful when Photographing in Unfamiliar Cultural Settings,” American Visionary Art Museum Watch Presentation

“Living a Balanced Life,” Watch Video

Inner Harmony (Part I): An Interview with Brooks Jensen, LensWork Magazine  Listen to Interview

Inner Harmony (Part II): An Interview with Brooks Jensen, LensWork Magazine Listen to Interview

Emory University Creativity Conversation: “Seeking Wisdom and Balance,” Jon Kolkin and Tara Doyle, Director Tibetan Studies Program Watch Video

Creating Equilibrium Watch Video