The goal of the Equilibrium series is to draw attention to the delicate balance that exists between the 3 realms of nature: land, water and air.  Each image in the series blends all 3 elements in such a way that it challenges the viewer to distinguish the boundary where one ends and another begins.  By visually obscuring the transition between land, water and sky, I am trying to emphasize the interconnection and inter-dependence of these 3 elements – the contamination of one affects the health of the others, ultimately impacting the quality of life for all on our planet.

Another subplot of Equilibrium is my attempt to dramatize the inherent, awe-inspiring beauty of nature.  In so doing, I hope to generate an emotional response from the viewer, evoking a sense of pride in the world that surrounds us.

However, the deeper message from this body of work relates to the unhealthy imbalance that sometimes exists in our lives.  I am attempting to use the concept of equilibrium in nature as a metaphor for highlighting the importance of creating balance within our lives.

Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts with you and my love of art.