FEATHERS… A Singular Journey

It is my impression that when an individual sees and touches a bird’s feathers the physical and emotional response is unique to that sentient being. In Feathers… A Singular Journey I have attempted to artistically convey my personal way of connecting with these graceful and delicate objects.* During this 7-yearlong project it has been fascinating and surprising to witness the ever changing colors, hues and patterns created as beams of light play upon their surfaces. Results are often unpredictable. What my eye perceives while peering through the lens of a camera is sometimes dramatically altered as the image passes through glass, reflects off mirrors and is recorded by the camera.

I view my experience photographing these feathers as a metaphor for a broader theme, i.e. the importance of recognizing and respecting that each of us interprets our surroundings and those we encounter in very personal ways, molded by previous experiences, personal circumstances, genetic makeup and other factors.

* The majority of the feathers used for this series were donated by a 20-year old, Green-Winged Macaw (Ara chloropterus) living in Florida named Baron.