Seeking Wisdom attempts to highlight the important role wisdom (enlightenment) plays in successfully navigating through life.

Traditionally, in most “modern” societies, there is a tendency to label children as “smart” if they are skilled at memorizing facts. Then, as they make the transition into adult life, we tend is to shift our praise, rewarding individuals who show great skill in a challenging profession. However, mastering an occupation and receiving monetary remuneration should not be confused with living a full and rewarding life. All people are vulnerable to experiencing imbalance, stress and unhappiness.

In my opinion, what we should be striving to achieve is greater wisdom (enlightenment). Some characteristics of wisdom include the ability to think and act with more clarity, unburdened by misplaced attitudes, egos and biases. Honing these skills enhances our likelihood of having a positive impact on society, while simultaneously achieving a healthier state of inner harmony and fulfillment.

Each piece in the Seeking Wisdom series is a mosaic, weaving together multiple images in an effort to create a visual narrative related to this topic.