The Dreamscape series is intended to help facilitate a dialogue about the possible existence of other dimensions of time and space. Considering such possibilities might challenge some people’s concept of what constitutes “truth”, hopefully resulting in more open-minded attitudes.

Scientists specializing in quantum physics support the concept of additional dimensions.  However, on a personal level, I am intrigued by this concept because of the breathtaking and inspirational experiences I sometimes have in my dreams.  They can be quite vivid and detailed while incorporating multiple senses.

However, most intriguing and perplexing are visions of unique, intricately designed objects unlike anything I have seen or read about.  I hypothesize that these experiences may not be the result of random thought but instead a glimpse into a less understood compartment of time and space.

It is my belief that humankind is nowhere near the limits of its perceptual evolution.  However, as scientists, artists and others delve more deeply into these disciplines, we have the opportunity to more effectively develop our senses and more fully explore these new dimensions.

Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts with you and my love of art.